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27 February 2011

Enlisted but discharged before active service

The following men enlisted in the AIF but were discharged for a range of reasons before embarking for active service:

Frederick Thomas ADAMS of Point Pearce

Eric Charles ANGIE of Point Pearce

Frank ANGIE of Point Pearce

Edmund BILNEY of Koonibba

George BURGOYNE of Koonibba

Willie COLEMAN of Koonibba

Dick DAVEY of Koonibba

Lionel HUGHES of Point Pearce

Alfred Keith WANGANEEN of Point Pearce

Wilfred Laurence WANGANEEN of Point Pearce

Harold James WEETRA of Balaklava

Hubert WEETRA of Point Pearce

Ernest Roy WILSON of Koonibba

In addition to those 13 men, there are several men whose names are known, but I have been unable to match the name to service records. Some of them had active service, some enlisted only to be discharged before embarkation. In some cases, I have not been able to confirm their Aboriginal heritage as yet.

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  1. As gordon Charles Naleys' grandson I can tell you that he was born on Mundrabilla station near Eucla W.A.